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Hear What People Are Saying About ZTCA!


ZTCA is an academy that employs people who care about the students and who have a genuine concern for their overall well-being.  I witnessed firsthand teachers and administrators who went above and beyond the call of duty to serve the students of ZTCA. As a parent of two former students of ZTCA, I found myself volunteering and giving back to the school in many ways. Both my wife and I volunteered in the classroom, for the career fair, science fair, as well as the end of the year celebration.

Because of ZTCA's educational expectations and the foundation my children received there, they both are well adjusted and perform far above the grade level for which they are currently in. ZTCA assisted me in shaping and molding my children into well mannered, respectful young children who are confident and prepared for the challenges they face. The academic expectations of ZTCA are second to none.

~ Dr. Davenport

I remember my years at Zion Temple Christian Academy very vividly. I remember the elaborate Christmas productions, tag on the playground, classroom devotions with stomping and actions; of course, learning blends and how to read, multiplication and division tables, the parts of speech; and much more, all in an environment where I always felt safe, welcomed, and comfortable.


Zion Temple Christian Academy played a huge role in surrounding me with people of faith who care about my education and growth as an individual. Many of the teachers made a direct impact in my life just by being able to talk to them and seeing how they lived their lives. From day one, my pre-school teacher had a big influence on my life. Even when I moved up through the grades, I continued to visit her as often as I could. She encouraged me to pursue my goals in education, extracurricular activities, and she inspired me in my relationship with God. One of most significant aspects about Zion is that the teachers truly care. Throughout my years at Zion the teachers inspired me, helped me make decisions, and answered some of my tough questions.    

Even though I appreciated the Christian based education I received at Zion I really did not understand how blessed I truly was until I had to leave Zion and attend another school. At Zion, each teacher had a unique way of encouraging us with bible stories and discussions on various topics.  In retrospect it is amazing how the teachers work God into every subject; integrating faith and science, faith and history or even in the way we learned arithmetic. School was more than the material we learned or the social scene; it is a place to expand your knowledge in every aspect of life.

Looking back on my journey from kindergarten to now, it takes my breath away to see how far I have come. I look back and see people, moments, and opportunities all woven together beautifully bringing me one step closer every day to becoming the person God has created me to be.  I owe a great deal of my God given accomplishments to the school that laid my academic and spiritual foundations, Zion Temple Christian Academy.


Helen Jones

As an alumni, I had the opportunity to interview Sister Debbie for one of my courses at Cincinnati State. I had the chance to see Sister Carson and Sister Taylor as well. I can truly say that Zion Temple Christian Academy has changed my life in many ways. It has made me a stronger woman and a lot more disciplined individual. The staff was strict but made sure I was well taken care of. I wish I could rewind back to my youth days but I have to move forward. Thanks for getting me to the point to where I am now!!!     ~ Love Y’all, Danielle

ZTCA is the best school. I read there and learned there and I had the greatest teachers there.~ Marlee

I like Zion Temple because we learn about the word of God. I like my friends and teacher. I like that we learn new things.  ~ Morgan

My name is Michael Tucker and I attended Zion Temple in my younger days. From what I remember I enjoyed every day there. I remember learning all of the basics in education and also in Christianity. Coming back to Zion Temple made me realize that I started off here and I turned out to be in good shape. I hope and pray that the things that I received from this school can also be given to my younger sibling, Jerell Richardson, so that he can get a great understanding of what he can do to be the best that he can be. I know that he is in great hands here at Zion Temple. I currently attend Kentucky Christian University and plan on majoring in engineering.

To me ZTCA means learning about God, getting good grades and being on the Principal’s List. I love playing with my friends and being at Zion Temple Christian Academy. ~ Jayden

When I think about Zion Temple Christian Academy I think of great Christian values and Christ-like characters. All of the people at ZTCA are loving. Zion Temple makes me feel right at home. I will never forget Zion Temple Christian Academy.   ~ Jameela

I love Zion Temple because you learn a lot. I learned the multiplication and division facts. I also have my best friends here. I wish I could stay her forever. ~ Illyse

I love Zion Temple, my teacher, and my friends. Most of all I love Jesus! ~ Payton

My experience with Zion Temple has been wonderful. Anyone who sees
Jadyn’s uniform has really great things to say about Zion! Students appreciate their time here and let it be known this school started the foundation to move forward in life to do great things and make a difference. Thank you for starting my child’s foundation! ~Dominique (Jaydn)

Before my daughter was able to attend school I wanted her to go to Zion Temple Christian Academy. I miss K5B. Sister Jones (now Kitchen) was her first wonderful teacher. I joined the teaching staff for 4 years and worked with Sister Debbie in K4A. It was wonderful watching the little ones learning and growing.

My granddaughter is here now. First Sister Taylor and now Sister Debbie and Sister Lee and as usual it has been a wonderful experience. To God Be The Glory for the things He has done!  ~ Love Sister Annette

I love the teachers at Zion Temple. They take time teaching us so we can understand. They are good to us. My favorite subjects are History and Science. I love Zion Temple Christian Academy. ~ Yazmyn

ZTCA means I work hard and learn a lot. I have fun with my friends and get hugs from all the teachers.       ~ Rihanna

Zion Temple Christian Academy means trust, hard work, learning, and God. It means that you will always be surrounded by people who will love and support you. It means that your friends will always help. It means that academics and the belief in God is the key to success. This is what Zion Temple means to me.    ~ Quentin 2002-2010

Zion Temple Christian Academy is a very important place to me because it has taught me the importance of learning, paying attention, listening to my teachers, and being a good student. ~ Zaire

I like Zion Temple because Sis. Coleman teaches me new things. I like playing with friends. ~ Carl

Zion Temple has been a blessing to my daughter. She’s been attending here since she was 3 years old. She has learned so much and the greatest part is that she continues to learn about the Bible while being academically challenged. I love the small class sizes and how teachers challenge her to reach her full potential on a daily basis. ~ DBO

ZTCA is a very special place to me. A place of learning, laughter and love. I have learned a lot about God, relationships with my friends, how to pray and praise God. ZTCA is definitely a place to be. ~ Cheyenne

When I think of what ZTCA means to me, I think about Love - how the love of God provides, especially in this case, a welcome forum for Learning. This is in line with the Word of God, which states: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Is also breeding ground for Leadership because knowledge begins and ends with God, as it is able to make one wise unto salvation through faith which is in Jesus Christ. To God be the glory for all He has done at and through ZTCA! ~ Rev. Thomas & Michelle Thomas

Zion Temple means to me learning and playing. I learn a lot at Zion Temple. I play a lot and I love my friends and my teacher at Zion Temple. ~ Skylar

ZTCA is my favorite school. We play, have fun and we have cool teachers. I love ZTCA so much. ~ De’Auna

I enjoy going to Zion because it has good academics so I can get a good education. I like the activities like movie night, Spanish, and afterschool watch. ~ Kenneth

ZTCA means a lot to me because I have made new friends and have met a lot of caring teachers, who help me learn new things. ~ Amirrah

Zion Temple Christian Academy is the best place to start your education. The teachers really love and care for you. You will be smarter than most children your age. Most of all you will have a spiritual foundation. I was sad when I had to leave and wanted to stay at Zion forever. When I got to my next school I was in the top of my class. I never met teachers that were more concerned about me and my well-being than the staff at ZTCA. They are still checking on me today. I love ZTCA!  ~ Ruth

ZTCA means friendship and love from teachers. The teachers here love you like you are their children. I love the things they teach me, makes me feel like the smartest kid on earth. So thankful that God has let me come to this school. ~ Rhonda

Jaylen likes learning, saying his alphabet, listening to his teacher, getting good grades on his school papers, saying his bible verses, wearing his tie, being the line leader, and playing with his friends. His favorite memories are learning his letters, singing, and being the line leader. ~ Jaylen

At school I get to know Jesus better and learn new things every day. I wish I could stay her forever. I like the teachers because they make sure you understand these new things. ~ Kyla

ZTCA is like my family. It may be a small school, but that just makes it easier to get to know each other and make close friends, and although we only stay here for a few years, we make friends and memories that last a lifetime.  ~ Jinnah

Jaycee likes learning, paying attention, playing with his friends, being the line leader, helping his friends, and learning to read. Jaycee’s favorite memories are helping his friends feel better when they are sad, and playing with his brother. Jaycee will miss his friends and his teachers Sister Debbie, Sister Lee, and Sister Alfreda. He says he’ll miss all of the teachers. ~ Jaycee

I love ZTCA because I have great friends to talk to and I love what they teach me here. I hope I come again soon. I love Zion! ~ Nina

ZTCA is the best school in the world. I enjoy going on trips, science fairs, recess, and after school watch. My favorite subject is arithmetic. I am very playful. I like playing at the park. I would like to come her next year.  ~ Howard

Zion Temple means a school with loving, kind, and Christian teachers. Zion Temple means the world to me, and I will do anything for the students and teachers there. Zion Temple is one of the best things that ever happened to me. It helped me to become the confident and smart young lady I am. Zion Temple is a place that I will never forget.  ~ Lailah

ZTCA means a lot to me. It means that it is a school sent from God. It is a very special school. I love the school colors. I wish that everyone would come to ZTCA. I made a lot of new friends and I love all the teachers. My friend’s names are Yazmyn, Kyla, and Nina. I love ZTCA because sometimes I get to hear my favorite Bible stories. The best thing at ZTCA is being in Student Council. ~ Inara

Gabrielle in K4A said, that she likes going to school here because it’s really nice. She likes playing the learning games. She likes her teachers Sis. Debbie and Sis. Lee. They are really nice to her. She loves when they play outside, and she likes when they play at lunch. She likes playing with her friends. She loves when they play in the back of the classroom. She loves whey they play with boxes. She loves when they get to be the teacher. She likes the after school watch program. She has learned her alphabet, numbers, vowels, and consonants. ~ Gabrielle

Had fun meeting new friends. I like sitting down and singing. I like devotion. I got a good education. I like learning about Jesus and learning Bible verses. It has given me an opportunity to meet Mr. Miller so I could take Karate. I like clapping my hands during devotion and praying before I eat. ~ London

ZTCA is like a second family. I have met some long life friends! ZTCA has provided me with a foundation for learning that I can take anywhere. Understanding and applying my Christian values while in school, not only makes me a good student, but also prepares me to be an exceptional young man.   ~ Lamari




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